Period 2 Social Studies 8

Welcome to Grade 8 Social Studies!

Below you will find our course outline and plan for the year.

Your homework for Tuesday, September 12th is to finish the  “Understanding Centuries” Worksheet which we went over in class. Here is the worksheet, for you record.


Below I have posted a file with individual and group project options for 2017-2018. I will speak more about these in class. This is not an exhaustive list, and you can come up with your own project ideas and discuss them with me.

We have also begun to think about the knowledge we acquire and the skills we practice in Social Studies. We will be assessing our own performance and competence throughout the year using documents like the one below.







The World Religions test will be on Thursday, October 12th.

It will include 15 multiple choice questions (  /15), one Compare and Contrast Diagram (  /5), and one Compare and Contrast Paragraph (   /21).


We have begun out next unit:

Asia and the Middle East to 1500

We will be focused don this area of history from now until December.

Below are our first few worksheets and answers from this unit.



Wednesday, October 25th, 2017

Please complete the Confucius Analects Package and Crossword Puzzle (see answers below).


Below you will find the worksheets and answers for the Tang and Sung Dynasties.


Below you will find the worksheets and answers for South-East Asian Civilisations.

Below you will find the questions and answers for “The Mongol Empire Spans Eurasia.”



Below is a possible answer key for the

Genghis Khan, Hero or Villain? Evaluation.


Here also is the answer key for Marco Polo in the Middle Kingdom


There will be a “China, South East Asia, the Mongols and Japan” Multiple Choice Knowledge Test on Thursday, November 30thI will post a practice test here soon.

Below is the answer key to “Feudal Japan”


Here is the Practice Test for the upcoming “China, South East Asia, the Mongols and Japan” Multiple Choice Knowledge Test.


UPDATE: Our First Project due date is being extended for an extra 2 weeks. It was due before the winter break. It is now due on Thursday, January 26th to allow for more time.


The “China, South East Asia, the Mongols and Japan” Multiple Choice Knowledge Test will be on Thursday, Nov 30th.

The Islamic world to 1500 Test will be on Monday, December 18th. The practice test is below.

Please Complete the Map of World Continents, Oceans and Civilisations below:



Term 2 Projects are due in class on THURSDAY, JANUARY 25th.

Below, I have attached a PDF document that includes rubrics for different types of assignments.










The Medieval Europe Test will be on Thursday, March 8th. Please see the Practice Test below.

Please see the PDF below of optional project topics for Term 3. Please choose one.


Your Term 3 Project Will be Assessed Using the following rubrics:

Below I have posted the Medieval Europe Practice Test Answer key:





The Medieval to Modern Europe Test will be on

Friday, May 11th.

I have posted a practice test below.

This is a reminder that your TERM 3 Projects are due on Wednesday, May 23rd.

Below, I have posted a frame for introducing your work.  Have a great weekend!





Final Multiple Choice Test: Geography, Exploration & Conquest in the Americas

Wednesday, June 20th

Below I have attached the Geography and History Practice Tests